Works Edited

Works Edited

Selected works edited by Kathryn Lively.

Mundania Press

Bitten to the Core by Robin Slick (fiction)
Is This Love? by Bridget Midway (romance with BDSM)
Slave to Love by Bridget Midway (romance with BDSM)

Tilly Greene – Independent Author

Hot Tamale
Giddy Up  

Konnichiwa, Cowboy
Painted Lady
Tamed (menage)

Twisted E-Publishing

The Detective’s Lover
by Aliyah Burke
Just a Dream 
by Aliyah Burke
A Little Taste of Home by Aliyah Burke
The Lottery by Alexandra O’Hurley
Under the Mask by Aliyah Burke
Too Dangerous To Love by Aliyah Burke
Someday My Good Old Boy Will Come by Aliyah Burke
Black Queen by Aliyah Burke
May You Always by Aliyah Burke
Rowan by Marie Rochelle

Decadent Publishing

The Vessel by Nancy Fraser

Miscellaneous Authors

Drive Her by Bridget Midway (for Breaking Bad box set)