Book Editing Services

Book Editing Services

Congratulations on completing your book! As a published author, I know the thrill of typing “The End” after months, even years, of research and plotting and anguish. Now that you are finished with your story, though, the real fun begins. Publishing has changed so much, and you have more options when it comes to publishing your novel, biography, or history. Do you submit your work to a publisher, or self-publish? If the latter, you will need book editing done by a professional.

Book Editing Services

Editing a work of fiction or non-fiction involves more than correcting misspelled words and catching errant commas. Your book needs continuity, flow, and well-developed characters. If you write historical fiction, your work must be free of anachronisms. If your plot has a gaping hole, it needs to be repaired.

Having written short stories and novels over the last twenty years, I know what it means to be too close to one’s work. You spend so much time with your words that you may have difficulty seeing errors.

AnĀ editor will help you through the next stage of the publishing process. As your editor, I will work to ready your novel or non-fiction for physical and virtual bookshelves.

Though I have primarily edited romance novels over the last decade, I am comfortable working in most genres.

  • Romance and Erotic Romance
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Mystery and Thriller
  • Inspirational and Spiritual
  • Horror and Paranormal

I am happy to supply references on request. Please contact me to query about current editing rates.