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New in Romance: Under the Mask by Aliyah Burke

Aliyah Burke is one of the more prolific authors I have edited. I’ve worked with Aliyah as an editor and publisher with three different houses, including Twisted E-Publishing. Under the Mask is one of her latest releases. It is available on Amazon.

About the Book

A Spartan, a gypsy—masks for a night pure sex—and the birthmark which throws all anonymity out the window.

Finally free after a nasty year-long divorce, Kailey Cox attends a masquerade party with the intention of one thing—remaining anonymous and finding a handsome man to bed. She discovers a Spartan warrior to accommodate her.

Rand Paxton is drawn to the sexy gypsy he takes to his room. Seeing her birthmark, he believes he knows who the woman is. Confronting her, any doubt fades. Problem: For a man often in the spotlight and a woman who now prefers anonymity, can they make it work?

Rand’s up for the challenge—he’d wanted her long before he discovered Kailey was Under the Mask.

New in Romance: Breaking Bad

Bridget MidwayI have known author Bridget Midway for over a decade, and have read nearly everything she’s written, under both of her pen names. Bridget writes romances with fascinating characters and relationships – some are like sagas in the way they draw you into worlds, be it a reality show with kinky twists or opposites who can’t stay apart. If you can’t enough of contemporary BDSM romance you should check out her backlist now.

This summer, Bridget joins a talented group of writers for a box set featuring bad, bad boys, and I enjoyed editing her contribution, “Drive Her.” Unlike her other stories, this one doesn’t feature BDSM but it’s still hot.

You can order the box set on Amazon.


Nice guys finish first, said no one ever. But we guarantee you’ll finish this collection filled with dark and dangerous alphas who obey no one, play by their own rules, and least of all allow anything to come between them and what they desire most. You’ll never look at thieves, hit men, bounty hunters or ex-cons the same way again. Break bad and our sexy-as-sin bad boys will steal your heart.

NOTE: These bad boys and girls may break hearts, but you’re guaranteed a happily ever after in every tale! No cliffhangers!

New in Romance: The Lottery by Alexandra O’Hurley

Recently, I had the pleasure of editing two futuristic romances. Alexandra O’Hurley’s The Lottery involves a world where a shortage of men inspires women to take drastic measures to find pleasure. Buy it on Amazon in eBook.

Living in a world where men were treated like a rare commodity, Ethan Spears did what he could in order to survive. But when the proverbial rug was pulled out from under him, desperate measures called for desperate actions. To save his sister, he entered The Lottery, offering himself to one woman for a year to get his split of the profits.

Karlyn Bowman was a rebel in her family, choosing not to climb the corporate ladder in order to pursue her love of art. Lonely, ostracized by the family who should’ve loved her, she pushed forward trying to become a success.

When her friend gives her a lottery ticket as a birthday present, she puts it aside and forgets it. Imagine her surprise when the knock came to her door and her life—and his—were changed forever.

New in Romance: Tamed by Tilly Greene

Tilly GreeneNew(ish) from Tilly Greene is this kinky, sexy menage romance. I’ve worked with Tilly for years, and look forward to seeing her stories launch. Buy it today at Amazon.

About the Book

Liana Trudeau moved to Paris in pursuit of her doctorate.  While her mind has been working hard, her body has been ignored.  Knowing what she wants, Liana attends the Depravity Dance and connects with two men who can perfectly read her needs, both physically and mentally.  Unfortunately, it’s for only one night, or is it?

Thornton Michaud and James Staunton have spent the past couple of months focused on a project in conjunction with the French government.  With all the signatures necessary to move forward, they’re out to celebrate and indulge their desire for a woman.  By the end of the evening they find she has only one fault, leaving before they were finished.  Can they find her to complete what they’d started in a city as large as Paris?

October in Paris is romance and the Depravity Dance, what could possibly be next?

Note from Author: Tamed, a contemporary erotic romance + BDSM, ménage a trois, sex toys and jewelry, has been reworked and this is its second release at 25k.

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