And Here’s Dave With the Top Ten…

And Here’s Dave With the Top Ten…

Taking a cue from Jenny Trout’s post on her decade in review, I’m inspired to share my highs and lows. I touched a bit on the blah that still is 2019 in an earlier post, and to be fair the entire decade wasn’t a steaming pile. It’s only felt that way in my head since 2016, when all the cool people died.

Yet, I remain an optimist. I hope the 20s bring peace and prosperity, and solutions to reverse the damage to our planet. I acknowledge I’m facing a number of sunsets in the coming decade, but I can only surge forward with a smile and prayer.

So, the teen years…at least I didn’t have acne this time around. Here’s what happened to me.

Books read: 1,023 (so far)
Movies from this decade watched: 110
Eggs Benedict eaten: 10*
Books Published: 8
Community trash cleanups attended: 6
Podcasts discovered: 5
Rush concerts attended: 4
Joan Jett concerts attended: 4
Relatives who joined the choir invisible: 4**
Game of Thrones episodes watched: 4***
Bullet journals started and abandoned: 3
Viewings of The Room: 3
Job layoffs: 1
Total eclipses viewed: 1
Tweets liked by Mark Hamill: 1
Rattlesnakes milked: 0

*Every Mother’s Day
**I hope it’s just 4; apologies if I forgot somebody. Since I’ve posted this, nobody in my family is allowed to die between this writing and NYE.
***Got the first three in, then skipped to the finale.

Let’s see if I can double everything by 2029…except for the job layoffs and relatives dying.

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