Hurry Up and End!

Hurry Up and End!

Today’s hero image is a detail of a chalk mural done on the blackboard wall of a close-to-home brewery. The sun is setting quickly on 2019, and the end can’t happen soon enough. With every new year I joke, “Let’s never speak of [year] again,” but this time I mean it. I meant it for the latter half of this decade as well. I hang around on the hope that this coming set of 20s roar.

To be fair, we found bright spots in this year. My parents made it to their 50th. I saw The Cure perform live (only five songs, but that’s five more than I’d ever seen in the past). I finally saw KISS live. I made a few clients happy.

Yet, the gray seemed prominent…again. We lost a parent. We didn’t have to – it was preventable. We now have affairs to settle, stuff to sell. The child is no longer one. Dates. Music lessons. Days spent with friends. Mom moonlights as a chauffeur. The nest will empty soon and I’m not ready for it.

On top of this, there’s suffering. Families separated. Rights denied. Children bullied. I see friends rooked by a delinquent publisher, cheated out of money they earned. These are moments that test your faith. You’re told the Lord has a plan, and you hope it’s one hell of a payoff for the people who need it.

Aside from the good books I’ve read, the coming Star Wars film, and all the creators making the podcasts and fan art I adore, 2019 can bite it. I’m ready to wipe off the chalk and start over.

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