Why I Stopped Reviewing Books

Why I Stopped Reviewing Books

I don’t know how many books I’ve reviewed in the last 20 years. I’ll guess that number is in the low hundreds. I’ve reviewed for magazines, websites, the eBook shop where I worked for four years, and for my own blogs. You’ll find some here, more on my Goodreads account. You won’t see many on Amazon because I am a published author, and they consider it a conflict of interest for an author to review a book. Something like that, who knows.

One could argue my reviews do constitute a conflict of interest. However, I know of many book bloggers who went on to publish books, yet kept writing reviews. When I review, it’s as a reader and not an author giving a critique. I love to read, and I love to talk about what I read. Or did.

For now, I only give star ratings on Goodreads and discuss books in a closed Facebook group. There are reasons; some have to do with authors who equate a bad review to personal attacks. Other times, I’m just too tired. I’m grateful to have had the energy to read.

Having been reviewed (and received my share of 1-stars), I don’t actively seek out reviews for my work. Reviews are for readers.


I write my books. I don’t read them for leisure. I read other authors for that, and I’m grateful to people who share reviews, and I’ll note that a 1-star won’t deter me from picking up a book. If the premise grabs me, I grab the book. If an author shows their ass online over a 1-star, I’m less inclined.

Bad reviews do not kill books. Bad behavior…eh.

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