I’ve had this URL and site for many years, and for many years it’s served a variety of whims. It helped me obtain freelance work in between jobs, and now that I have enough to do I’d like to use it for leisurely purposes.

I am a writer. I live in Virginia Beach. It makes sense I should utilize the domain and platform to talk about home. I had hoped to enjoy a career as a full-time writer and I do, in a sense. I wanted to write fiction for a living, but I don’t know if that will ever happen. We hear the mantra “write what you know,” and while it’s good advice I’d prefer to step outside my comfort zone, beyond the margins. Maybe one day, when I am able to return to that frame of mind, I can.

Until then, I’m always in need of coffee. Virginia Beach has many wonderful coffee shops, and the Oceanfront area is particularly aromatic. I won’t name a favorite, though I have a few, but I can recommend this handy map of joints that don’t rhyme with Sparchucks. Save it if you like, I’m sure I’ll add more as I try them.

In the future, I’ll share more information about my fair beach town, maybe some relevant fictions. For now, I raise a mug and wish you good night.