Coming Soon

Coming Soon

I have a trilogy of romances with Totally Bound Publishing. I can say that now, since Book 3 is contracted. This is significant for me for a number of reasons.

For one, the heroine of “Do It Again” is mature, late 40s. Originally I had planned to write the third book about a woman separate from the first two books – a costume designer who works in television. She’d have been about the same age as the ladies in the first two books. However, I kept coming back to a supporting player in 1 and 2, an older woman on her second career as a TV director. I liked her too much to keep her in the background. So she got a story. I may still write that costume designer, but I had planned on a trilogy, which brings me to the second point.

I finished a series for once. Look on this site, there are a number of standalone books and a duology. “Pithed” was supposed to have a sequel, maybe more. I had planned a third Lerxst book. The Ash Lake mysteries under my other name were supposed to be a longer series. I planned five and finished two. Another book under a pen name – with a young sleuth who wants to become a priest – was supposed to go on for a while. Nothing. For the longest time I never got past one or two books. Reasons. Low sales, depression, dwindled desire.

I had the motive to give up on “Do It Again”, too. I began writing in 2016. Then my mother-in-law died. Then I lost my job. Then my severance ended. Then my husband got hit. Then life drama. When all that happens, writing when it isn’t your primary job doesn’t seem so urgent. Yet, I’d open the document and add more to it. A few words here, a few hundred there. I finished it. I finished something I set out to finish, finally. What’s more, I got a contract for it.

Now, I’ll promote the hell out of these books as best I can. Since I’ve finally finished, I feel lighter. I have a wide field before me, new possibilities. The next book I write can be anything I want. I have ideas – something different. I love romance and mystery, but now I can try something else. Fantasy, magic realism, dark humor. I’m excited for once.

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