New in Romance: Come, Our Butterfly by Tilly Greene

New in Romance: Come, Our Butterfly by Tilly Greene

I have worked with Tilly for many years. She writes lavish and intense romances set in the world of fashion, sports, and high society. Her stories explore aspects of kink one wouldn’t think possible. If you like it hot, you’ll never be disappointed by her books.

Buy Come, Our Butterfly.

Dimitri Alexeev and Sergei Petrov were both born in Russia. They both work for the same family with a job description of bodyguard but they do quite a bit more. The men are best friends, live in the same Manhattan apartment and have white hair for a reason … a Siberian white tiger reason.

Parvaneh Thompson was born in America to a father from the United States and an Iranian mother. Parva is a Muslim and wears a hijab to honor her elder relatives whom she lives with in Harlam. Shopkeeper at the family-owned corner shop, she’s finished law school and will soon take the bar exam.

These three people couldn’t be more different and yet their worlds collide with an expected bang, resulting in fireworks and emotions.

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