New Book: Writing, Publishing, Marketing

New Book: Writing, Publishing, Marketing

I am pleased to announce I have released my second work of non-fiction, Writing, Publishing, Marketing: a Different Guide to Navigating the World of Publishing in This Age of eBooks, Independence, and Social Media Promotions. Just so you know, the book is significantly longer than the title, and more informative. Here’s the blurb:

For the writer new to publishing and the many options now available, author/editor Kathryn Lively offers an eclectic collection of articles designed to help you tighten manuscripts for submission, discern whether to seek an agent/publisher or do it yourself, and promote your work cheaply.

Writing, Publishing, Marketing is divided into four parts:

Writing – tips to improve minor tics in manuscripts that editors may mark.

Publishing – tips to attract the interest of an agent or editor.

Self-Publishing – an examination of alternative publishing options available to you.

Marketing – utilizing free and inexpensive tools to promote and sell books.


I decided to put this book together after a friend suggested I share my experiences in publishing. Over the years I have attended conferences and seminars, talking about various aspects of writing and publishing. The notes and articles I’ve written over time accumulated to the point that I had a book-length work, so I figured why not share what I’ve learned? The book is out for $2.99 via Kindle. After it’s period in the Select program, I’ll distribute the work through other channels.

If you are new to the world of publishing, and submission to agents and editor, you may find something valuable in this book. Hope you enjoy it.

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