Read an eBook Week

Read an eBook Week

This is Read an E-Book Week. I could use this time to pimp the ones I have for sale, but I also want to take this time to acknowledge my many author friends and acquaintances who have published primarily in eBook format, who seek new readership. I will read just about anything, and as it happens the people I know write everything. If you received a digital reader for Christmas, or have downloaded a reading app to your tablet, phone, or computer, let me help you build your library.

Contemporary Fiction

Once Beneath the Stars – RS Lentin

Daddy Left Me Alone With God – Robin Slick (more from Robin)

Mystery Authors

Dick Francis (not all his books are available via Kindle, but many of the later ones and the ones by son Felix are)

Judi McCoy (also romance)

Rita Mae Brown (I like the cat and foxhunting mysteries)


L.A. Banks

Romance Authors

Bridget Midway

Yvette Hines

Denise Jeffries

Tilly Greene

Cat Johnson

Eliza Gayle

Erotica Authors

Alessia Brio (lots of free stuff here to try out) 

Helen E.H. Madden

Publishers For Whom I’ve Worked (as writer or editor)

Mudania Press

Phaze Books

Silver Publishing

Breathless Press

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