Letterboxing in Atlanta – Cobb County…Find a New Treasure

Letterboxing in Atlanta – Cobb County…Find a New Treasure

Parents interested in a family activity that involves mental and physical challenges should consider embarking on a letterboxing expedition with their kids. This time-honored tradition of “treasure hunting” combines use of the Internet, orienteering skills, and the desire to have fun and make memories. All you need is a notebook, a rubber stamp of your favorite design and an ink pad to get started…not to mention the clues to find the many letterboxes hidden throughout the Atlanta area.

How Letterboxing Works

The rules of letterboxing are simple. Find clues to available boxes on a related website like Letterboxing.org or AtlasQuest then follow them to the box of your choice. If you happen to be searching in a populated area, take care to ensure nobody sees – in the case of boxes hidden in parks, groundskeepers may confiscate them. Observe any precautions when hunting in the woods, and always leave the box in good condition, well hidden. Stamp your logbook with each box stamp you find, and you’ll have an impressive collection and fond memories of the thrill of the hunt!

Letterboxing in Atlanta

Whether you live in the Atlanta area or are visiting for summer vacation, it’s a good idea to keep your logbook and stamps handy. You’ll find a number of themed letterboxes, in urban and rural parts of this metropolitan city. Here are just a few treasures waiting to be discovered:

Cobb County Parks, North – Shy: This stamp is hidden in Sweat Mountain Park, near where the dogs play.

D is for Dog, W is for Walk: Near the ruins of an old youth camp, you’ll find two stamps off the beaten paths.

Lord Baden Powell: Named for the founder of the Boy Scouts, so it’s appropriate this stamp is hidden near a council center.

Hey Joe: Kennesaw Mountain National Park is host to a number of letterboxes, including these two which require a bit of hiking and orienteering to get to.

Mother Goose’s Dainty Dish: This box requires deciphering a puzzling poem to find. Can you find the clue on the proper website and solve it?

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  1. Thanks to everyone who RSVP’d for lettxrboeing. I’m looking forward to a fun few weeks! We’ll meet down at the end of Maple street at the edge of Hubbard Hills. Dress for mucking about off trail a bit. If anyone is planning on dropping off children, I don’ t know that we’ll need the full two hours for the introduction. Let me know if you won’t be staying so we can determine pick-up time!Rachel

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